The Trust and The Future

The Trust intends to maintain its role as a key partner, working alongside Cheshire West and Chester to continue the development of the site. Because of our status as a charity, we are able to access a variety of sources of funding which will help with some of the remaining restoration tasks.

We have secured a grant of £20,000 from the Association for Industrial Archaeology towards the cost of restoring our railway salt van. This work was completed in the workshops at Llangollen Railway, and returned to its position near the entrance to the site.

The Trust has extensive links with the local community and envisages using its contacts with local industry to help with the restoration of the ‘brine extraction train’ which includes the horizontal engine, the ‘nodding donkey’ and the brine storage tank by the canal.

Trust volunteers have long experience of demonstrating the processes of evaporating brine to make salt. We  continue these demonstrations as part of the visitor experience in the new museum on event days

In the longer term we have an aspiration to re commence salt making at a commercial scale. Our counterparts at Laeso in Denmark have shown what can be done and we see no reason why their success cannot be replicated at Marston.

Over the years the Lion Salt Works has benefitted from the interest and support of salt making sites and other historical industrial monuments around the world. We are proud that the Salt Works has the status of an ‘Anchor Point’ on the European Route of Industrial Heritage ( ERIH ). An important part of the work of the Trust in the future will be to represent the project on ERIH and other similar organizations, to renew and develop our international network of contacts and supporters, and to promote academic research.

Closely associated with the Trust is the Cheshire and Peak District Branch of Butterfly Conservation, which has created our butterfly garden. The group meets regularly to work on the garden and is always keen to welcome new supporters.

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